As of 11/22/2019 this webpage on my website has links to 33 files. The Governing Documents: Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (AKA CC&Rs). Our HOA also has many Rules and Regulations (AKA R&Rs). This webpage includes links to related documents.


The Bylaws show in their right-margins the revisions made in 1982. The CC&Rs show in their right-margins the revisions made in 1980 and 1985. The CC&Rs were amended again in 2005, but to my knowledge the CC&Rs have yet to be revised to show in their right-margins the changes made that year. The Board of Directors Agenda for 01/10/2019 under Bids/Proposals stated: Kriger Law Firm Revision of Governing Documents Not to exceed $3,500, but I have not seen their latest revisions.


The Rules and Regulations have been revised many times and older versions have been included here to show some of the changes. So many R&Rs have been distributed over the years, it is difficult to know what they are much less follow them. Especially the parking regulations. In 11/2019, forty years after the HOA was built, the BOD somehow came to the nonsensical opinion it was necessary to add parking permits to the parking regulations.


In 2005 two separate lists of the R&Rs were distributed. The way they were compiled it was difficult to compare them. One was included with a guide to the governing documents and while the other one was titled Park Mediterrania HOA Policies On Various Home Owner related items. The latter one began with It is the responsibility of every home owner to insure [sic] that the CC&Rs and By Laws, Rules and Regulations and Policies of Park Mediterrania are followed. Then followed a really STUPID statement: Each and every one of us agreed to them before we purchased our home here and each renter agreed to them when we [sic] signed their rental or lease agreement.


WTF, owners agreed to them before we purchased our homes? Owners agreed to something we had not seen? Escrow closed before the title company gave me copies of the CC&Rs and Bylaws. The title company did not give me a copy of the Rules and Regulations. The R&Rs that I have were acquired piecemeal over the years. No one gave me a copy of the Policies. I have read policies are something the Board of Directors uses internally that are not even written down and distributed to residents. Agreed how? There was no signed agreement. There was no verbal agreement. WTF, renters agreed to them when they signed their rental or lease agreements? What I wrote about owners applies to renters too.